Identification of applications for measuring devices in petroleum upstream and quantification of the global market potential


Initial Situation:
  • Anton Paar has greatly expanded its product portfolio in the second half of its hundred-year history.
  • Measuring instruments for the petroleum industry have contributed significantly to the company's success, both through organic growth (in-house developments) and acquisitions.
  • The majority of the business is generated in the downstream segment, where Anton Paar enjoys a good reputation with refineries as well as with testing laboratories, blending plants or consumers of petroleum products.
  • Therefore, most product specialists and sales experts focus primarily on these industry areas and are not familiar with upstream applications in detail.

The aim of this thesis is to strengthen Anton Paar's market knowledge in the upstream segment of the petroleum industry by providing answers to the following questions:
  • What is the most plausible way to structure the upstream process from a measurement applications perspective?
  • In which phases of the process would the use of Anton Paar measuring devices support upstream operations?
  • What is the global annual market potential (SAM in number of units) for each of these applications?
  • Start: As soon as possible
  • Duration: 6 months

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